Enjoy your wedding day worry-free with a wedding loan

Looking for more room in your wedding budget?

Apply for a wedding loan from $500-$30,000

Wedding and honeymoon bills can add up quickly. A wedding loan from Fairstone can help cover wedding expenses like an engagement ring, a wedding dress, catering, flowers and any other wedding day expenses that come up. Apply now for an unsecured personal loan and get up to $20,000 for your wedding with affordable payments, fixed terms and lower interest rates than other non-bank lenders. Or, apply for a secured personal loan to get up to $30,000, and access lower rates than with our unsecured personal loans.

When you choose a wedding loan from Fairstone, we’ll work with you to find the solution that suits your needs, lifestyle and budget.

Use a personal loan to help pay for your wedding

Weddings are expensive. With your big day to plan for, the last thing you want to worry about is credit card debt. A personal wedding loan from Fairstone can give you the money you need upfront, and the affordability you’re looking for.

Why get a wedding loan?

  • Get your money upfront, so you can use it for deposits and early expenses
  • Budget-friendly payments that are easier to manage than lump-sum payments due on a credit card or line of credit
  • Pay off your loan as soon as you like (up to 60 months)
  • Work one-on-one with a knowledgeable Lending Specialist to design the wedding loan that’s right for you

Plan ahead for your wedding so you can enjoy your day worry-free. Apply online now for a wedding loan and you could have your money today.

Get a wedding loan as soon as today


Fairstone: A Canadian loan company

At Fairstone, we know that borrowing money is a part of life. Many Canadians need quick loan solutions, but sometimes borrowing from the bank isn’t an option. That’s where Fairstone comes in. As Canada’s leading non-bank lender, we’re the place Canadians can turn to for an affordable loan in their time of financial need. At Fairstone, we qualify more Canadians for loans, offer lower interest rates than other non-bank lenders and understand and respect our customers’ financial situations. Find a loan solution that suits you.

Why Canadians choose Fairstone personal loans

  1. You can get an online loan quote in under a minute and have your money the same day that you apply.
  2. You’ll get one-on-one service from a knowledgeable Lending Specialist who will help you find a loan that’s right for you.
  3. Choose from our flexible payment options and benefit from fixed rates and affordable monthly payments.
  4. You can change your mind and cancel an unsecured personal loan within 14 days. No charges and no questions asked.

Protect yourself from the unexpected

These valuable benefits can give you peace of mind should the unforeseen occur.

Job Loss Insurance 

Have your loan payments
covered if you're involuntarily

Disability Insurance

If you experience disability and can't work, your loan payments could be taken care of.*

Life Insurance

Protect your family or estate in the future and have your loan paid off in the event of your death.*

Home and Auto Security Plan

Offering home and family benefits, roadside assistance, legal services and more. LEARN MORE

*Coverage varies and is subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy and applicable law.

Insurance solutions provided by American Health and Life Insurance Company or Triton Insurance Company. Home & Auto Security plans are administered by Home and Auto Security Plan, Inc.


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