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Our loan solutions offer affordable payments, fixed terms and lower interest rates compared to other non-bank lenders. We offer both secured and unsecured personal loans to help cover the cost of unexpected expenses, repairs, home improvements and emergencies. Use our tool below to learn more about our personal loans and to find a loan solution that suits your needs.

Too much credit card debt? Fairstone has loans for bill consolidation.

Tackle your bills and debt head-on with a Fairstone debt consolidation loan. Our knowledgeable Lending Specialists will work with you on a personalized debt relief plan to help simplify your finances.


In Ontario, Fairstone Financial Inc. is licensed as mortgage brokerage 10821.

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Retail financing you can count on

Purchase what you need when you need it with convenient financing options. Fairstone partners with leading retailers across Canada to offer credit card and financing programs on retail purchases.