When life wasn’t fair, you were there.

Welcome to my corner of the Fairstone blog! As you may or may not know, I am the Fairstone Fairy, and I am a huge fan of Fairstone.

I, as so many of my fairy ancestors before me, believe that helping people is the highest honour for a fairy. We love the chance to give someone a helping hand when they’re in a tight spot. Sometimes, life isn’t fair, and people need someone reliable to turn to.

That’s why I’m so proud to recommend Fairstone: because their employees work every day to help people as much as they can. In fact, they’ve even created an award to thank Fairstone employees who go above and beyond to help people, whether it’s customers or those in their community - the “when life wasn’t fair, you were there” award.

And because helping people is so important to me, I’m going to use my corner of the blog to share their stories.

Jackie’s story

In October, we received an amazing customer story on Facebook about how a Fairstone employee helped a family experiencing a difficult situation.

This customer’s son was diagnosed with a brain tumour when he was only 13 months old. To get their son the treatment he needed, the family had been traveling to and from Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto for well over a year. As you can imagine, this lead to some serious wear and tear on their vehicle, and the time had come to purchase a new one.


The customer, Jamie, said to us “We have been stressing over trying to get a new vehicle, and tried everything from Go Fund Me (which went nowhere), tried several dealerships and got nothing but turndowns. We finally found a dealership that approved us but needed a big down payment and again the stress began.”

Jamie went into our Fairstone branch in Belleville and was able to receive the money he needed for the down payment, so he could buy the car and get his son to his chemo appointments in just a few days.

Jamie told us, “When no one else would help us Fairstone did, and believe me we tried everyone we knew for help”. 

Fairstone is excited to recognize Lending Specialist Jackie Pepper from the Belleville branch, for demonstrating outstanding customer service. As Jackie said, “This was a great opportunity to help a customer in need.” Fairstone appreciates everything you have done, Jackie. When life wasn’t fair, you were there.

Keep an eye on this section of the blog for more stories about Fairstone Lending Specialists go above and beyond to help their customers and their communities.